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Expertly engineered cooling tower components and solutions
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Cooling Tower Products & Solutions

Cooling Tower Products & Solutions

Engineered to meet the demands of today’s most challenging cooling tower applications.

Counterflow Film Fill Media and Materials

Counterflow Solutions

Brentwood offers the most complete line of counterflow film fills to fit any water requirements, from high-efficiency, cross-fluted fills to fouling-resistant, vertical fluted fill designs. These fills are complemented by industry-leading drift eliminators, louvers, nozzles, and a range of ancillary components engineered to improve cooling tower efficiency.

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Crossflow Film Fill Media and Materials

Crossflow Solutions

As one of first manufacturers to develop a fill solution designed specifically for crossflow tower applications, Brentwood offers a range of cooling tower products that optimize cooling. From specially-designed herringbone film fills to a full line of splash bars and modular splash fill options, – and the supports and drift eliminators needed to round out the job – we can help your cooling tower achieve high performance.

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Cooling Tower Turbine Inlet Cellular Drift Eliminators

Specialty Markets

In addition to crossflow and counterflow cooling tower solutions, Brentwood’s cooling tower products are used to serve a number of industries, including applications such as turbine inlets, sound enclosures, light traps, scrubbers, and even aquaculture.

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NEW! CFUltra
CFUltra Counterflow Drift Eliminator for Cooling Towers
CFUltra Counterflow Drift Eliminator for Cooling Towers

NEW! CFUltra

The CFUltra is Brentwood’s newest cooling tower product and is the highest-performing counterflow drift eliminator in the industry. It features a drift loss of 0.0004% down to 0.00025%, which is 20-50% better than any other drift eliminator on the market.

We're Different. Take a Look.

We're Different. Take a Look.

The S.T.A.R. Program Personalized Support Prioritizing Performance Application Manual

The S.T.A.R. Program

Brentwood’s one-of-a-kind Software for Tower Analysis and Rating helps engineers design efficient cooling tower solutions easily and accurately. In addition to product application and installation support, S.T.A.R. is one more way that Brentwood goes above and beyond for our customers.

S.T.A.R. can be accessed under Applications & Tools in myBrentwood.

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Personalized Support

As a second generation family business, Brentwood invests all our energy into serving our customers and building relationships. By sharing our engineering expertise and over 40 years of experience, we’re able to deliver truly innovative solutions that meet each customer’s specific challenges. And each project is handled by one of our dedicated customer service representatives, promising 24-hour quote turnarounds and global support. This approach has earned us decades-long partnerships based on trust, commitment, and value.

Prioritizing Performance

Performance testing is at the core of our research and development. We know that rigorous testing yields an optimized product, so our manufacturing process does not begin until the design has been perfected. This allows us to provide products that maximize your tower’s performance while extending the lifespan of your installation.

Application Manual

Brentwood’s Application Manual is a tool made available to each of our customers. It includes the most up-to-date application notes, installation guides, product drawings, and performance information to assist you in the project planning process.

The Application Manual can be accessed from the Document Center in myBrentwood.

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Brentwood delivers a superior customer experience through vertically integrated manufacturing, logistics, and sales offices located around the world. This unique approach provides personalized support and lower overall costs for cooling tower projects big and small – anywhere our clients are located. Click on “M” location pins to see manufacturing facilities. Click on “S” location pins to see sales facilities.