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Brentwood’s heavy-duty wheelbarrows, often referred to as Brentwoods, are durably constructed to make any job successful. The pan, which is the most important element of any wheelbarrow, is constructed of heavy-gauge HDPE, making it lightweight and impervious to rust damage. We selected only the best components to round out a wheelbarrow that is second to none: hardwood handles sourced in North America, sealed precision bearings, and a structural steel frame. Whether you’re hauling concrete or mulch, your Brentwood will last longer than competing wheelbarrows and won’t weigh you down on the job.

The Right Tool for the Job

  • Highest quality wheelbarrow on the market
  • Available in a range of sizes – 6, 8, & 10 cube
  • Can be supplied with 1 or 2 wheels
  • Complementary mortar products for ease of handling

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Heavy-Duty Pans & Hardware

Designed for shovel-friendly use, our pan is formed from UV-stabilized, heavy gauge HDPE and secured to the chassis with smooth, recessed bolts and premium lock nuts.

North American Hardwood Handles

Crafted of sustainable hardwood, our varnished handles with rubber grips are engineered for heavy use and efficient lifting.

Robust Chassis

The unique structural steel frame has been designed to support the heaviest of loads. It features an extra-wide stance for stability and helps to prevent tip-overs and spills.

Rugged Wheel Assembly

Every assembly is equipped with sturdy ¾-inch steel axles and tires for any terrain, each fitted with sealed precision bearings to keep out moisture and dirt.

Rigid Nose Piece

The nose piece is made from extra heavy gauge steel to ensure a rigid, durable frame assembly for the life of the wheelbarrow.

Bent Front Braces

The heavy gauge, powder-coated steel braces are designed with an aggressive V-shaped cross section to provide superior bend resistance.


The standard no-flat tire and the turf tire both offer ease of maneuverability. The turf tire is six inches wide and allows the wheelbarrow to move from grass to rocks to concrete effortlessly.




Whether you’re constructing a building, a road, or anything else of substantial size, you probably have heavy materials that need to be moved around the jobsite. Brentwoods can make this task easy, allowing you to push brick or stone without breaking a sweat.


Brentwood wheelbarrows are particularly handy for concrete applications with the easy-to-use pour spout and HDPE pan. You can mix your materials directly in the pan, utilize the spout for accurate pouring, and easily remove hardened concrete from the pan surface.

Farms & Stables

Wheelbarrows serve many uses on farms, whether you’re seeding, collecting ripened crops, or caring for animals. The turf tire on Brentwood wheelbarrows easily maneuvers through fields and stables without tipping or spilling your load.


Landscaping can be a big job depending on the complexity of the project. Brentwoods can ease the load – literally – by helping you move heavy materials like soil, sand, and stone with minimal effort.

Around the House

Whether you often find yourself in the garden or are a do-it-yourselfer, a Brentwood wheelbarrow can simplify any project in and around your home.





Mortar Products

Brentwood’s contractor-grade mortar products are manufactured to complement the wheelbarrow pan, also made from extra heavy-duty HDPE. They will not rust or corrode like steel products and are easy to clean.

Mortar Board: 24” x 24”

Mortar Pan: 30” x 30” x 7”

Mortar Box: 32” x 60” x 11”

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