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Get Free Freight!

Get Free Freight!

Brentwood is in search of new distributors for our wheelbarrows and mortar products. As a well-established family business, we’re focused on servicing our customers’ needs and making quality products.

The Brentwood wheelbarrow is designed for professionals who use them on an everyday basis in the construction, concrete, masonry, and landscaping industries. Whether the user is hauling concrete or mulch, the Brentwood wheelbarrow will last longer than competing models and won’t weigh them down on the job!

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Wheelbarrow Features

Wheelbarrow Features

  1. Durable Pins on wheelbarrow

    Durable Pans

    Our pans have been engineered to handle the toughest projects. Whether you’re moving heavy materials around a job site or mixing concrete in the pan, the Brentwood wheelbarrow will make your task easy, and it won’t rust after years of use.

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  2. Last wheelbarrow tires

    Long-Lasting Tires

    Handle any terrain with Brentwood’s rugged wheel assemblies. Our range of tires, paired with dirt-resistant bearings and axles, guarantee adaptability and longevity.

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    Long lasting wheelbarrow tires
  3. Wheelbarrow Robust Chassis

    Robust Chassis

    Designed with the user in mind, our chassis assembly provides plenty of foot clearance, and the extra-wide stance adds stability to prevent tip-overs and spills.

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    Durable robust wheelbarrow chassis
  4. Wheelbarrow with heavy duty hardware

    Heavy-Duty Hardware

    Extra heavy-gauge nose pieces and bent front braces ensure longevity and durability and are secured to the chassis with recessed bolts and premium flanged nuts.

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    Heavy duty Hardware
  5. Core Quality wheelbarrow

    Core Quality

    Carefully selected and sourced components, such as North American hardwood handles and structural steel frames, ensure professional-grade performance on every project.

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Tell us about your business and
why you'd like to become a distributor today!

Tell us about your business and
why you'd like to become a distributor today!

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