Hi-Tech/Hassle Free

Hi-Tech/Hassle Free


Looking for a system you can count on? The Hassle-Free package incorporates components that will guard your system against heavy loadings, wear, and ultimately, costly failures. It is designed to provide owners and operators with the highest level of peace of mind.



  • SmartGuard Monitoring

    Protects your chain, flights, and attachments links by monitoring sprocket motion and flight misalignment

  • Ball Detent Torque Limiter

    Easy-to-reset overtorque protection that eliminates the need for shear pins

  • Variable Speed Drive

    Provides flexibility for adjusting speed and torque

  • Slide-on Wear Strip

    Unique geometry wear strips that slide over the dovetail mounts to prevent buckling, warping, and twisting

  • Electric Actuated Scum Trough

    Set open and close actuator limits to meet your specific process requirements

  • Half Links

    Provide an option for better chain tension

  • Floor Squeegees

    Ensure thorough cleaning of the tank and side walls with full-width skimming

  • GritShield® Barrel Wrapped Collector Chain, Drive Chain, & Attachment Links

    Reduce barrel wear and extend the life of your chain

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