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Polychem® Sludge Collectors


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Miami Florida Sludge Collector Tank
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Brentwood has vast experience with sludge collector systems for rectangular clarifiers and is involved in every stage of the process from preliminary design to commissioning. The first non-metallic Polychem clarifier system was installed in Miami Dade, FL, in 1984, where most of the original equipment is still running today. The brand has since evolved with innovative technologies such as the SmartGuard® Collector Monitoring System and the SedVac™ Sediment Dredge System. Today, Brentwood has over 18,000 Polychem sludge collector systems and 10 million feet of collector chain in operation for various water and wastewater treatment applications.

Collector Systems

Brentwood provides durable Polychem chain and flight systems for rectangular clarifiers and offers designs for specialized applications such as dissolved air flotation tanks and oil/water separators.

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System Components

Engineered Polychem systems are comprised of the finest-quality, non-metallic components available in today’s market, from rugged sprockets and head shafts to innovative chains and flight profiles.

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