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Structured Sheet Media


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Structured-sheet plastic media is the heart of the trickling filter. The specific type of media used in a given system is determined by the organic loading and wastewater treatment objectives: roughing, complete treatment, or nitrification. The media’s specific surface area, void volume, and distribution characteristics are important to the specific application and system performance. All Brentwood trickling filter media is fabricated from rigid, self-extinguishing, un-plasticized PVC sheets with UV protection. The material is resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria, acids, and alkalis commonly found in wastewater.

Cross Flow Media

Combining high surface area with maximum mixing points per unit volume of media, cross flow media facilitates superior process performance in a wide range of hydraulic wetting rates.

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Vertical Flow Media

The open geometry and vertical orientation of this media is designed to shear away excess biosolids, thereby reducing the potential for plugging.

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Mixed Media

As the optimal configuration of media in deep towers, mixed media combines the superior distribution of cross flow media and the reduced plugging potential of vertical flow media, yielding consistent and efficient biological wastewater treatment.

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