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AccuPier® Media Support System


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AccuPier® Media Support System
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AccuPier® is a pre-engineered support system for structured sheet media. A field-adjustable base and cut-to-length stanchions allow for installation in a variety of tank configurations. All components are engineered plastics for corrosion resistance and ease of installation. A complete system consists of an adjustable base, stanchion, cap, and grating.

Product Literature
    • Wedge-shaped base discs rotate to accommodate any floor slope up to 4%.
    • Piers available to support typical heights from 9 to 42 inches, each rated to hold 7,000 lbs.
    • Pier caps and grating designed with openings to maximize airflow and prevent flute occlusion caused by biomass accumulation.
    • Seismic load-rated designs available.
  • AccuPier was designed as a less expensive alternative to poured concrete supports and heavy, pre-cast concrete crossbeams. This corrosion-resistant support system can be customized for any application, including rock filter retrofits and deep towers.

    To maximize mixing and increase system strength and stability, each module in the bottom layer spans two support beams with a minimum 8 inches of support width on 24-inch centers. All modules in additional layers are placed perpendicularly to the previous layer.

  •  Translated literature available in the document center.