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Brentwood is a premier supplier of custom device packaging to the medical, dental, and pharmaceutical industries. We thermoform functional and aesthetic parts that provide sustainable solutions for end-procedure efficiency.

The thermoformed medical packaging process heats a sheet of plastic until it is pliable, forms it over a tool, and cools it to form a finished part. Components can be formed using a range of materials, no matter the gauge, ranging from HIPS and PVC to technically demanding poly-carbonates. Brentwood also maintains strong research and development relationships with major resin manufacturers to test new and experimental materials, allowing us to provide customers with the most cutting-edge solutions.

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Thermoformed Packaging




Choosing the appropriate plastic material for your application is an essential step in developing a successful finished part. Each material has its own characteristics, properties, and strengths. Therefore, there are many factors that can influence material selection, ranging from performance to appearance to cost. By working with you to understand the parameters of your project, we’re able to help you choose the best, most-cost effective method to achieve your goals and meet regulations.



Polyethylene terephthalate works well for applications that require deep draws, complex die cuts, and precise details, without sacrificing structural integrity.



This material provides a clean and durable alternative to HIPS for opaque product applications.



High Impact Polystyrene is a versatile and cost-effective material that is easy to form.



Polypropylene is a cost-effective material that features high flexural and impact strength and is very resistant to absorbing moisture.



Polyvinyl chloride features high impact strength and natural flame-retardant qualities. It accepts colors and textures and can also be glued or painted.



Aclar is chemical resistant, non-flammable, and provides the highest moisture barrier of any clear thermoplastic film.



This material is useful for applications requiring transparency and exceptional impact resistance.



High-density Polyethylene is stronger and stiffer than standard polyethylene with good impact and abrasion resistance.

Client Services

Client Services

Vendor-Managed Inventory Customer Service

Vendor-Managed Inventory

Our VMI system offers a streamlined approach to inventory management and order fulfillment. This is facilitated through an electronic data interchange, or EDI, system that connects Brentwood with your inventory data, enabling us to provide better forecasting and service.


Customer Service

Brentwood has optimized all stages of the product realization process, beginning with project initiation. Each customer is assigned a dedicated team to manage all aspects of a project: business development, design engineering, and customer service. The design team works with customers to develop and execute the best manufacturing strategy from modeling and material selection to tool design and fulfillment. After manufacturing and quality requirements have been met, the customer service representative ensures on-time delivery and coordinates future orders.

Design Services

Design Services


Part Design & Prototyping

Brentwood collaborates with each customer to develop the right packaging solution for your unique needs. With extensive thermoforming and materials experience, our team of skilled designers, tool engineers, and CNC programmers works to ensure that the custom-tailored design meets your requirements for performance, functionality, and product protection.

Packaging development is based on concept sketches, which are later converted to detailed CAD drawings. We then utilize our fused deposition modeling (FDM) rapid prototyping process to quickly turnaround samples and conduct product testing. As the project progresses, tooling is built, tested, and put into full production.


Process Design

Our internal project management team is well-practiced at working with complex timelines and deadlines designed to get your product to market. We ensure the process flows smoothly from the first tooling order through final delivery. After that, project management works directly with our customer service team to make sure you can easily reorder parts.



After collaborating with you throughout the design, prototyping, and approval processes, we utilize the knowledge gained to develop high-quality production tooling. All production tooling is produced using top quality materials and is precision machined to the highest tolerances. Post-production, all tools are carefully stored and maintained for future runs.


Advanced Product Quality Planning

Brentwood’s quality management system is integrated into every step of the development process, guaranteeing consistent products that meet or exceed your expectations. With the end user in mind, we continue to innovate in research and design, providing efficient packaging that simplifies handling and reduces material use.




ISO Class 7 Clean Room

Brentwood offers a manufacturing environment of over 30,000 square feet to support our medical customers. Our ISO Class 7 (10,000) clean room is equipped with the latest technology available, including eight inline formers and two match metal trim presses. By working with automated conveyors, stackers, and robots, we’re able to increase your speed to market and handle high-volume runs.

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ISO 9001

This certification furthers Brentwood’s dedication to quality, enabling us to produce consistent, top-tier parts that meet your expectations.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

In an effort to create and maintain sustainable business practices, Brentwood has developed an environmental management system that minimizes the effects of our operations on the environment.

ISO 14001
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Articles & Literature

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