Diagnostic Equipment Enclosures


With extensive thermoplastics design and engineering knowledge, Brentwood supplies high-precision thermoformed medical diagnostic equipment components. We utilize the pressure forming process – where a sheet is heated and pressed against a mold by vacuuming out the air between the sheet and the mold and applying air pressure above the sheet –  as an economical solution for low-volume runs of medium-to-large parts. This allows us to manufacture complex geometries with the tight tolerances required for diagnostic equipment housing, covers, and enclosures. These highly cosmetic parts have crisp surface features and intricate textures with little to no variation in color or detail between parts.

Process Experts

  • In-house expertise with custom forming processes
  • Diverse manufacturing capabilities
  • Flexibility to produce short, medium, & long production runs

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Choosing the appropriate plastic material for your application is an essential step in developing a successful finished part. Each material has its own characteristics, properties, and strengths. Therefore, there are many factors that can influence material selection, ranging from performance to appearance to cost. By working with you to understand the parameters of your project, we’re able to help you choose the best, most-cost effective method to achieve your goals and meet regulations.



This material is manufactured by combining three different compounds: acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. In addition to its high stiffness factor and creep resistance, ABS is one of the most versatile plastics available.



Polyvinyl chloride is stiffer than ABS and features high impact strength and natural flame-retardant qualities.

Client Services

Client Services

Vendor-Managed Inventory Customer Service

Vendor-Managed Inventory

Our VMI system offers a streamlined approach to inventory management and order fulfillment. This is facilitated through an electronic data interchange, or EDI, system that connects Brentwood with your inventory data, enabling us to provide better forecasting and service.


Customer Service

Brentwood has optimized all stages of the product realization process, beginning with project initiation. Each customer is assigned a dedicated team to manage all aspects of a project: business development, design engineering, and customer service. The design team works with customers to develop and execute the best manufacturing strategy from modeling and material selection to tool design and fulfillment. After manufacturing and quality requirements have been met, the customer service representative ensures on-time delivery and coordinates future orders.

Design Services

Design Services


Part Design

Brentwood collaborates with each customer to develop the right solution for your unique needs. With extensive forming and materials experience, our team of skilled designers works to ensure that the custom-tailored design meets your requirements for performance, functionality, and aesthetics.


Process Design

Our internal project management team is well-practiced at working with complex timelines and deadlines. We ensure the process flows smoothly from the first tooling order through final delivery. After that, project management works directly with our customer service team to make sure you can easily reorder parts.



After collaborating with you throughout the design, prototyping, and approval processes, we utilize the knowledge gained to develop high-quality production tooling. All production tooling is produced using top quality materials and is precision machined to the highest tolerances. Post-production, all tools are carefully stored and maintained for future runs.


Advanced Product Quality Planning

Brentwood’s quality management system is integrated into every step of the development process, guaranteeing consistent products that meet or exceed your expectations. With the end user in mind, we continue to innovate in research and design, providing effective components that improve end-procedure efficiency.




ISO 9001

This certification furthers Brentwood’s dedication to quality, enabling us to produce consistent, top-tier parts that meet your expectations.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

In an effort to create and maintain sustainable business practices, Brentwood has developed an environmental management system that minimizes the effects of our operations on the environment.

ISO 14001

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