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Rectangular vs. Circular Clarifiers: Which is better?

Examine the benefits of rectangular and circular clarifiers by comparing performance, hydraulics, basin construction, maintenance, and lifecycle costs.

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How is a Polychem system assembled and installed?

The following animation illustrates how a standard Polychem chain and flight scraper system is assembled and installed:

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Fixed vs. Moving Bed Systems: Cost

The differences between fixed and moving bed systems are significant, as discussed in the four previous blog articles. Therefore, a comparison between the two systems should not be made on the basis of a single parameter, such as specific surface…

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Fixed vs. Moving Bed Systems: Aeration and Mixing Efficiency

The aeration design for a biofilm system, such as moving bed or AccuFAS fixed-film systems, is more complex than a standard activated sludge system. In a biofilm system, the aeration design must satisfy the oxygen demand for required treatment, provide…

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