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The Benefits of Reducing Splash-Out

Splash-out is one of those small issues with a tower that we always plan to fix, but it has a tendency to fall to the bottom of the priority list. However, with summer coming to an end and fall work…

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Fill Fouling Fundamentals

Fill fouling is the deposition of material on the fill’s heat transfer surfaces. It involves one or more of the following processes: 1) biological fouling due to biofilm development, 2) deposition of suspended solids due to sedimentation, 3) scaling of…

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The Importance of Material Property Standards for Cooling Tower Fill

All PVC is not equal. Therefore, it should meet specific material property standards that are set by Cooling Technology Institute and can be found in (CTI) STD-136. The importance of CTI STD-136 is to set a minimum threshold for material…

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Thermoforming Process: Before- vs. After-Forming Thickness of PVC

When purchasing film fills, it is important to understand the difference between before-forming and after-forming thickness as well the quality of PVC being formed. During the thermoforming process, the PVC sheet is warmed in an oven and then stretched over…

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