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Counterflow Cellular Drift Eliminators
How much difference can upgrading my drift eliminators make?

That’s a good, and common, question. To answer it, we can run an example calculation, making a few assumptions: We will design our analysis around a counterflow, induced draft cooling tower utilizing blade-style eliminators. We will assume the water quality…

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Fill Fouling & The Effect On Tower Performance

Just what are the effects of fouling on a fill, and what does it mean for overall tower performance? This is a question that Brentwood has been researching for a few years. As film fills have evolved and tower owner/operators…

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Why might an owner not choose the highest efficiency fill for his tower repack?

This question is one we walk through on a regular basis with many of our customers. We also perform a lot of thermal runs using our STAR program to model towers and compare the benefits of using a cross-fluted fill…

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The Benefits of Reducing Splash-Out

Splash-out is one of those small issues with a tower that we always plan to fix, but it has a tendency to fall to the bottom of the priority list. However, with summer coming to an end and fall work…

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