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Brentwood’s cooling tower crossflow fill supports seamlessly integrate with existing cooling tower structures and are simple to install. Each component is engineered to provide adequate support while enhancing product performance and allowing maximum air and water flow.

The use of cheap re-purposed PVC shipping pallets for fill supports is not recommended. There are definite differences in PVC quality between shipping pallets and cooling tower support systems. PVC pallets are cheap because they are basically throwaway products, manufactured with the lowest-grade PVC available. At no point in their design are they engineered for use in a cooling tower environment or to have a long lifespan. The Brentwood cooling tower fill supports provide the same factory quality installation on every project. They are designed to work with basin cleaning systems and to drastically eliminate any debris hang-up points while allowing for easy sweeper system installation and clearance.


  • Bottom-supported systems provide durability & ease of installation

  • Variety of sizes & configurations to fit each tower

  • Maximum weight distribution over increased surface area

  • No hardware required

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Fill Supports Specifications

Fill Supports Specifications

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