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Brentwood’s AccuPac Crossflow Cellular Drift Eliminators are constructed of an alternating series of corrugated and wave PVC sheets, assembled to form closed cells. The closed cell structure yields the greatest surface area for droplet capture in a given volume. Brentwood’s latest generation of cellular drift eliminators are specifically engineered for crossflow applications to maximize drift removal efficiency and minimize pressure drop.


  • Material exceeds Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Standard 136

  • Available with AccuShield technology

  • Select products available with Mechanical Assembly technology

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Crossflow Cellular Drift Eliminators


CFUltra Drift Eliminator Performance

High Performance

Brentwood’s line of crossflow cellular drift eliminators has been designed and tested to perform above industry standards.

Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator Nesting Design

Nesting Design

Drift eliminator modules nest with adjoining modules, eliminating gaps between packs and providing seamless drift removal.

In-Field Adjustability

Brentwood’s crossflow drift eliminators are capable of spanning up to 10 feet, requiring fewer supports to minimize air blockage. They can also be field-cut for tight fits without sacrificing structural integrity.

Specifications (XF)

Specifications (XF)

Specifications (D15)

Specifications (D15)

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Articles & Literature

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